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“It’s (Stravari Rosin) a brilliant design and not only do I congratulate you but I cannot thank you enough for solving this age-old problem. I’m always excited by innovative user-friendly products.”

Gary Karr – Worlds Leading Solo Bassist

After nearly 25 years of building student to symphony level bowed instruments, we at Stravari were looking to improve on what was commercially available in traditional varnishes and grounds (under varnishes). After extensive research and countless translations of old Italian documents, we developed formulas of ground coats, oil varnishes, spirit varnishes and metallic rosinate varnishes that we felt lived up to the standards of the old world masters. Along the way we found and translated some wonderful rosin recipes dating back to the 1500’s in Italy. And from these roots our rosins were born. Old Master and Artista rosins have been formulated utilizing three distinct processes, four different tree resins and a number of additives and minerals; including 24 karat gold. Through this extensive testing and experimentation we realized our goal of bringing the finest bow rosins to the modern player.

Stravari manufactures  four distinct types of rosins:  Economical, Professional, Gold Infused and Hypoallergenic.  All (except Aria) are offered in both light and dark formulas.

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Old Master™ Fine Bow Rosins are formulated in small batches using the finest of natural ingredients sourced from all over the world. We make the rosins by hand in our Florida workshop, where each batch is individually hand tested by a professional musician. Our high quality rosins are the easiest and most affordable way to improve your performance.

Old Master™ Rosin is Stravari’s line of premier rosins and are available in formulas which range from very light to dark. Here you will find 24 karat gold rosins, specialty wine rosins, 19th century French inspired Private Reserve, 16th century Italian inspired Brescian, and Bass formulas.

Most players find that they must change rosins when the seasons change. Generally darker rosin is preferred in the winter months because these formulas are a little softer and stickier. This lends more adhesion to the bow hair, which is drier in the winter. In the humid months of summer lighter harder rosins are preferred because of the increased levels of humidity. Our light and dark formulations offer differences in adhesion to the string or ‘pull’ to the bow. Old Master offers the player smoothness of sound and playability, while enabling a large, powerful tone in forte playing, and a clear, beautiful pianissimo. An added benefit of the purity of the ingredients used in the Old Master Rosins is the low amount of rosin dust produced, which minimizes allergic interactions.

The Artista rosins are the most economical of the handmade rosins.  They are created with premium resins, blends and additives, these rosins outperform many of the fine rosins on the market today.  The Artista rosins utilize modern day techniques, while still remaining handcrafted. Each batch of rosin is hand tested prior to delivery.

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 All rosins are available in the following 2 styles:

Artista rosins are the most affordable option in our hand made rosin line.  Created with premium resins, blends and additives, these rosins outperform many of the fine rosins on the market today.  The Artista rosins utilize modern day techniques, while still remaining hand crafted.


Our lightest formulation. Smooth and pure sound. Very little dust, while offering a good response and grip. Pianissimos are clear and crisp.

Designer – $9.95


Dark formulation. Grip, smooth articulation, and strength. Enhanced tone color. Low dust.

Designer – $9.95

The Parisian rosin is formulated using a process steeped in the traditions of nineteenth-century France.  Makers such as Tourte revolutionized the bow by making it longer.  This new style bow required a different rosin to accommodate the modern bow.   The Parisian rosin is a light ideal for smaller instruments, less aggressive players or warmer climates.  The counterpart to the Parisian is the Brescian rosin which is ideal for warmer climates, less aggressive players or smaller instruments.

This process can take up to 8 hours to make just 30 cakes of rosin.


Medium-light formula. Pure, smooth sound, crisp attack, very little dust. Easy articulation, clear pianissimos.

Traditional – $19.95

The Brescian Rosin is inspired by sixteenth-century Italian master rosin makers.  This is a dark rosin with a powerful grip.  While this rosin was originally formulated during the Baroque era, the strong pull lends itself to to larger instruments, colder climates or more aggressive violin players.   The counterpart to this rosin is the Parisian rosin which is ideal for warmer climates, less aggressive players or smaller instruments.



Dark formula, best suited to violists and cellists. Grip and power, still smooth, with enhanced articulation.

Traditional – $19.95

The Light Gold and Dark Gold rosins are created using the Private Reserve process (above).  The blend of resins along with the addition of 24 carat gold adds smoothness and silkiness to the sound.

The Light Gold rosin is the lightest formula of our line of rosins and is the ideal formula for subtle, light music and/or high humidity.  The Dark Gold formula offers more adhesion for  fuller sound and is ideal for cellists and solo violinists.


Light master formula. 24 karat gold infused. Smooth, silky, powerful tone, resonant, strength to the pull, crystal-clear pianissimos.

Traditional – $32.99


Medium-dark master formula. 24 karat gold infused. Similar to GOLD I, with added adhesion and crisp forte. A true soloist’s rosin.

Traditional – $32.99

The Bass Rosin is formulated using the Brescian process to create a strong pull without excess additives or waxes.  Ideal for the discriminating bass player.


Dark bass formula, enhanced power and resonance. Smooth, beautiful articulation. Strong pull.

Traditional – $19.95


Dark bass formula, enhanced power and resonance.  Creates a beautiful articulation with a strong pull.  Gold flakes are added to the rosin to offer a smoother sound.

Traditional – $19.95

Chardonnay Rosin

Made using our patent pending Brescian (effervescence) process utilizing organic wine.

Traditional – $19.95

Merlot Rosin

Made using our patent pending Brescian(effervescence) process utilizing organic wine.

Traditional – $19.95


Rosins are the most affordable way to increase your instruments’ performance. The chart below enables musicians to determine the perfect balance between climate, touch, seasonality and playing style.  To find the best rosin(s) for you, add together each of the 4 categories to determine your performance number(s).


1 – HUMIDITY              (HUMID=0) (NEUTRAL=+2) (DRY=+4)

2 – TEMPERUTURE         (WARM=0) (NEUTRAL=+1) (COOL=+2)


3 – TOUCH                   (SOFT=0) (NEUTRAL=+2) (STRONG=+4) (AGGRESSIVE =+6)


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